Realität is a Mexico City based experimentation lab founded by Juan Manuel Escalante. Our work touches the intersections between code, music, sound art, bio art, illustration and design. We believe a truthful and honest approach towards the creative process, would render -inevitably- different types of outputs.
Therefore, our range of projects and platforms have been diverse since 1998: shortflims, industrial/graphic design, generative art, publications, music, sound art pieces, installations, actions, software, workshops and museographic work.

Active and past members

>> JUAN MANUEL ESCALANTE (MX,1982) - founder

After seven years of studying architecture and graduating with honours in both college and master programs, Juan Manuel decided finally to dedicate his life to the arts.

He is very concerned about the enormous difficulty on achieving the desirable space (not in a physical sense) in order for those ideas to be rendered properly, no matter the output or hermeneutical method.

In his late years he has been using code as a creative medium. However his roles range from: non-formal piano composer, exhibition curator, publisher/author/editor, designer, teacher, writer, bio and sound artist.
Throughout Realität, his work has been shown in the US, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico and also featured in many festivals including OFFF (Barcelona and Mexico), Mutek, Binario, Ceremonia, amongst others. He has been awarded twice with the "Young Creators" grant by the National Fund for the Arts (2010 and 2013), the first prize for two consecutive years for "Best multimedia art application of the year" by the AMU (Universitary Scholars Multimedia Association).

He is a member of the Master and PhD program in Architecture (National Autonomous University of Mexico) where he teaches and gives several workshops each semester. Currently head of it's Media Lab and studying a PhD in Arts & Design (UNAM - National school of visual arts, MX).


>> CV (ESP / ENG / FR ) - PDF
>> Bio - PDF (Spanish content only)
:: Selected articles (Spanish content only):
>> "Asimov's dream" 2012 - short essay(Spanish content) (To be published)
>> "The devaluated matter" 2011 - blog post
:: Interviews:
>> PijamaSurf (Spanish only)


After achieveing a five year degree at computational systems, Hugo gave a different turn and started making his own music. He holds a bachelor of electronic music production and has several studies of mathematical methods for music composition (at CMMAS, Morelia, MX). During 2011, he attended regularly Ableton users meetings at Chicago, IL. He is the head of sound design and production of our team.
>> CV - PDF
>> Personal website: www.masterprogrammer.net
:: Special involvement in the following projects:
>> Hackpact
>> Microsonic Landscapes
>> Artefactos shortfilm
>> Masterprogrammer interface

:: Notable external work:
>> HCIO4 - EP - gourmet techno (free download)
>> Follow Masterprogrammer on soundcloud


Spatialist and member of the Civil Engineers and Architects Association of the National Polytechnique Institue. His work has touched different disciplines, ranging from book binding, spatial ephemeral interventions, illustrations to museography, research and illustration. His work was featured at the "PRELUDE" show, the first exhibition of generative art in Mexico. He currently works as a freelance when he's not participating in the Realitat's team projects.
>> CV - PDF
:: Special involvement in the following projects:
>> PRELUDE, generative art exhibition
>> City accidents


From an architectural background at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Marco is the head of our team in terms of 3D modelling and rendering. He is also responsible for the Einstürzende Neubatuen's microsonic landscape model. He currently is developing illustration work form a 3D perspective.
:: Special involvement in the following projects:
>> Zona MACO , garden of dystopia
>> Microsonic Landscapes


Mexican illustrator and visual artist. Without any formal academic background or training, he has been carving a very personal style of analog production. He took the workshop "Type design: from skecth to digital" at the Multimedia Center of the National Center of the Arts with Mónica Munguía in 2013.
His works were shown to the public for the first time during the exhibition "PROCESS" at Gurú Galería, Mexico City.
>> Personal website: www.ruidodelmundo.com
:: Special involvement in the following projects:
>> New Benshi Sessions trailer
>> PROCEDENCE - Shortfilm (Unreleased)
>> MANIFIESTO - book

:: External links
>> Follow Mateus on his instagram account: @ruidodelmundo



A spatial cartographer, graduated with honours at the Faculty of Architecture (National Autonomous University of Mexico). Founder of the experimental counter "Interfîctîctîos" and winner of the landscape architecture contest "Nanshuibeidiao" (Beijing), with the collaboration of CGDesign.
Co-founder of the project BTCR*, an experimental transdisciplinary series or workshops with critical aclaim. His graphic/spatial work constantly resist the common gallery show scheme and prefers to share it on the walls of Mexico City. He is actually studying the Master in Philosophy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.


>> Personal website: www.interfictios.com
>> CV - ESP - PDF
:: Special involvement in the following projects:
>> Zona MACO , garden of dystopia
>> ARTEFACTOS - concer and book
>> Inter Mortem Generatio - performance
:: Notable external projects:
>> "El pasajero | The passenger" -2013
>> "El aguador" - 2012
>> "La gran ventana" - 2012


The oldest of the Escalante brothers, has a long record of logistics in both private and government organizations. He currently runs the Binary Node Store (from an administrative point of view) and is our most recent member.

Under his administration, the Binary Node Store has shipped pieces to the US, Mexico, Europe and Australia.
:: Special involvement in the following projects:
>> The Binary Node Store (Main administrator)
Juan Manuel Escalante's photo by: Carla Rivarola
Marco Ortega's photo by: Tania María
Francisco X. Erazo's photo by: Tania María
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