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Commissioned by Dr. Çetin Kaya Koç at UC, Santa Barbara I was asked to create the entire graphic feel for the CHES workshop: Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems.

Building upon its previous 2015 edition in Saint Malo (FR), the 2016 features sunny 'Californian' colors. It is also a critical perspective on the current state of communications and encryption. The main motif includes from the clouds that are hacked, to the ever-watching eye, to police controlled interfaces and e-commerce. Both positive and negative aspects are confronted in the main topic, disguised by a flat inspired illustration.

The main initials focus completely on the conference topic, while the surrounding artifacts provide context.







Critical topics on encryption and our contemporary world were synthesized as icons. After the analog process, some of them were selected to go into a digital form.

CHES-2016-Graphic-Story.pdf (12MB)



The final version of the poster:




Once the main designed was finished, then additional items followed.
Gift Mug design:








Bonus, computer Icons:

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