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J · S · poster



This poster was designed to celebrate and promote Jeffrey Shaw's visit to MAT.

Since one of Shaw's most famous works "legible city" -amongst others- used a 3D environment, it made sense -to me- to use a similar spirit.

I chose 13 of Shaw's most famous works (T Visionarium, Place Ruhr, the Cave, Architext, Eve, Waterwalk, Anamorphoses, Revolution, NetArt browser, Unmakeable love, Golden Calf, Cupola) and modelled them all in 3D.

The final printing size is 17 x 22 in, full HD files are here: www.realitat.com/downloads/jeffrey_shaw_poster.zip

After its completition. This project was never used.



Original sketch:


Close up of specific zones:



Different color scheme test:


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