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‘Procedencia’ is a live-performance piece, assembled in 2013 at Mexico City. It is the first part of a tryptic, and combines hand-made-analog graphics with code generated imagery.

First presented at the New Benshi Sessions (Cine Tonalá, MX) and other festivals including: Mutek MX (10th anniversary), Ceremonia, and OFFF Mexico 2013. This video was updated in 2016, following the May 19th performance at The Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology (SBCAST).

During this performance, the original sketchbook with all hand-drawing was also exhibited. Due to popular demand, this performance run for two nights.

Juan Manuel Escalante & Mr. Eddy (Tana Barbier and Lisa Gervassi)




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SBCAST studio F space: (May 19th Performance)





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An extended program was designed and printed.
A limited edition of 20 copies were distributed to the audience.

Download an online version as PDF > > > > Procedencia_Extended_Program_SB_HD.pdf





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– – May 19th additional credits – –

Special thanks to:
Marko Peljhan and The Systemics Public Program.
Mark Hirsch (additional video-footage)
The Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology
Jieliang Luo and Fabian Offert (setup-support)

Venue provided by:
Media Arts & Technology Graduate Program at UC, Santa Barbara





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