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Since 1998, the Media Arts and Technology graduate program hosts a periodic Seminar Series. Over the course of one year, I designed twentytwo posters for Fall-2015, Winter-2016 and Spring-2016. Each poster features hand-lettered titles and algorithmic portraits for each speaker.


The Main title and author's name were written several times.
The best calligraphy excercise was used as a final title.



The Seminar website sketch:



Algorithmic portraits where generated to achieve two objectives:

A. To provide cohesiveness through every lecture of the Seminar Series. Little or no control could be achieved with every speaker holding a different picture format/quality.

B. To provide some character to this year Series and –hopefully– increase attendance ratio to this lecture series.



Below, all portraits in one single image:


All posters designed:




The posters were placed throughout UCSB main campus. An alternative landscape version was implemented for e-mail announcements:


The posters were exhibited in the MAT hallway for a brief period of time during Summer-2016.





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