The Sound Digestive System


This website has been exclusively prepared for the Evostar 2015 selection comittee. Hear and see an excerpt from the system working:



Selected image captures

The system with nine food particles being digested at different intervals:


Microscope view:

Study on upper and lower gastro-intestinal tracts dynamics:

The map

Diagram / music score or map showing the different events of a sound particle.
To the right, the human digestive system operations, to the left, their sound translations.

Color scheme


A brighter version of Annunciazione, by Leonardo da Vinci was used as a color databank. Leonardo’s notable sense of proportion and balance, is used -in this case- to distinguish each organ and at the same time, achieve equilibrium in the whole composition. Each organ is programmed to grab colors from an specific area/object of the painting.


The food particle

Food is considered as sound. Each component of a food particle triggers an specific type of sound.
This is: the sound of sugary foods will be radically different than a high protein food.

The video above plays the breakfast according to the following quantities:


Full detailed report

Download a 100-pages full report of the project on this PDF file, including the complete sound and graphics code (67 MB ) - ( Browse on desktop with two-page view ).


Thanks to:
Special thanks to: Curtis Roads, Aaron Demby Jones, María Antonia González Valerio, Roxana Reyna & Hugo Escalante for their advice and support.



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